9 Art Quote Mugs Only Artists & Crafters Will Understand! (You’ll Love Them!)

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Artists and crafters are a unique bunch.  And there are things we love that only artists and crafters will understand.

The joy of the smell of wet paint.  The feel of clay through our fingers.  The joy of discovering a new bead and wire style.

You get the idea.

So today, I pulled together some great coffee mugs with quotes only artists and crafters will ever truly appreciate.

only artists and crafters will understand1. I need a Time Out… Send me to my Studio and don’t let me come out until my Attitude Improves.

I really love this one.  Anytime my husband has had enough of my attitude, he sends me to my Loft where I keep my Studio.

Of course, I also send him to HIS studio when I’m tired of HIS attitude!

HERE’S the LINK to where I found this one on Amazon*

Buy Art from the living, Dead Artists don't need to eat

2. Buy Art from the Living.  Dead Artists don’t need to Eat.

This great mug pokes fun at the fact that most art is worth more after the artist dies.

And since we can’t survive on compliments, we’d rather that customers purchase our art.  LOL

I’m thinking about taking this mug along to my next event to see what kind of response I get from customers. 🙂

Find this one by following this LINK.

An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.3. An Intellectual says a Simple thing in a hard way.  An artist says a Hard thing in a Simple way.

I don’t remember who Charles Bukowski is.  But he’s got a point.

You say so much with a simple art piece.

Who needs a long sentence when a simple brush stroke will do?

If you want to find this mug, click HERE.

4. There is no such thing as too much Wood!There's no such thing as too much wood!

Are you a wood artist?  Do you carve, turn, or build?

This one is one of my Lathe Loving Hubby’s favorites!

He has flats and shelves of blanks and logs, but there always seems to be more coming in.

But I don’t hold it against him… I have my own art vices. 😀

If you or someone you know is into Wood Art, HERE’S where you can get this mug.

I need to get rid of some wood... said no carver EVER!!

5. I need to get rid of some Wood… said no Turner EVER!

While I’m finding mugs for our wood artists, here’s another!

I may have to get this one for the Hubby, too.

He’s convinced he needs that next blank, that log from his sister’s wood pile (seriously), or that exotic looking piece of acrylic.

Welcome to my world… LOL

To get this mug for your wood bug, go HERE.

6. I need to get rid of some Beads… said no Beader EVER!

I need to get rid of some beads... said no Beader EVER!

Ok, so he insisted that I include this one.

That’s what I get for browsing artsy quote mugs while Hubby is over my shoulder! LOL.

But since I’m a bead and wire artist, this one is for me.

I’m in no danger of running out, ever.  But I just can’t resist that hand-painted ceramic bead at a fellow artist’s table.

Or I just have to have line drawer after drawer with crystals and stone beads.

You can find this one HERE for yourself, or your favorite bead fanatic.

A Picture is a Poem without Words7. A Picture is a Poem without Words

Horace had it right.

Portraits, landscapes, abstracts and more!

They’ve all got their story to tell and they tell it so well!

If you speak through pictures, you can get this mug HERE.

Art... the one way to Run Away without leaving Home


8. Art, the one way to Run Away without leaving Home!

I don’t know about you, but whenever I need to get away from my problems, I hide in my studio.

My art takes me far away from my everyday troubles.

And I like to run away… frequently.

If you like to run away from home and toward your art, HERE’S where you can get this mug.

I don't believe in Art, I believe in Artists9. I don’t believe in Art, I believe in Artists.

This just might be my personal favorite!

There are so many who worry that their technique isn’t good enough.  Or they’re convinced that they’re ideas aren’t unique enough.

But true art is about the artist’s expression.

It really has little to do with technique, concept, or even the final result.

I think I’m going to keep this mug on my table to remind me to focus on my joy of the art instead of how perfect it turns out.

If you want your own, you can get it HERE.


That’s it for today! Those are our mugs that only artists and crafters will understand.  🙂

I found many other mugs while I was browsing.  There are a ton of quotes and mugs that only artists and crafters will understand.  But I think I’ll save some for another day.

But come back often, I’ll add more soon!


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