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Every Art Business starts somewhere.  If you need answers on how to start or grow your art business, then you know how hard it is to find good advice.

There are manuals and Dummies guides for nearly everything.

But there are no great resources for we artists who show our own work or who wish to create a business with our art.  Sure, if you want to sell on an established e-commerce platform, they have forums and guides for you.

But what about the rest of us?

Most art businesses start with the artist showing their work in person.  They do festivals, art fairs, galleries, and bazaars.  But when they start, they realized that are few resources for how to create a successful art business in the craft and art world.

When I started my art business in 2003, I had QUESTIONS!

Was my product valuable?  How should I price it?  What’s the best way to pull together my first display table?  Should I invest in a great tent from the start, or is renting a good idea until I have a plan?

There are so many questions, and I couldn’t find ANY answers.

I scoured the web.  I checked into art forums.

I even checked the forums for art e-commerce platforms hoping someone could guide me.  For my art to succeed as a real business, I needed advice.  I needed to know how to best display my work.  What insurance might I need?  How do I price, what costs do I track, which events were right for me… AND SO MANY MORE QUESTIONS!

And I came up empty.  

In the years since I began my art business, I’ve met incredible art and craft-preneurs who have been more than generous with guidance and advice.  

At my very first show, my neighbor helped me to improve my display.  She was so willing to help me grow that she gave me her email address and we stay in contact to this day.  In fact, I’ve turned much of her advice into our formula for the 4 components of your first successful display! (You’ll want to read that one!!)

But until you get into the events and luck into someone willing to share their knowledge, you and your art business will flounder.  

And not all of us are so lucky to find that wonderful neighbor who practically redesigns our tent for us.

So,  I’m going to bring what I’ve learned to you.  

I’ll share the experiences I’ve had, those of my husband, artist friends, and more.  I’ll share tips we’ve picked up, and interviews with people who have done this.  You’ll learn from the best I can find.

I will recommend products that I or my colleagues have personally tried or researched.  

If an item is available online, I’ll link directly to where you can find it!*

I’ll answer your art business questions.

And you’ll always know that I’m here to help you succeed in your art business endeavors.

Welcome to our world, we’re glad to have you!

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